Open water diver

First step into the beautiful underwater world, upon completing the course you will be certified to dive with a buddy to 18m depth.

Advanced open water

Upgrade your diving skills to enhance your confidence to enbark on more challenging dive sites, even to 30m depth.

Rescue diver

Next level up, turn your focus to others, helping others manage stress and prevent problems while diving.

Try scuba

Try breathing underwater and see those beautiful fishes swimming around you.

Refresher Program

Review & practice basic scuba skills on a 'one to one' pool session with your own personal instructor.

Referral Program

Complete your theory & pool training locally and complete your dives at your dream sites.


Looking to increase dive time? Mixing more oxygen extend the limit of your dive time, useful for recreational depth.

diver 1st aid & cpr

Prior to starting the Rescue Diver Course and Divemaster Training, candidate must be trained in First Aid & CPR.

oxygen provider

Getting yourself ready to administer oxygen when the need arise, applicable to both divers and non-divers.


Time to upgrade, this is the first step as a scuba professional. Explore your leadership capabilities, lead the rest.


Ready to teach what you enjoy, this course further develops your instructional ability and transform you into a full pledge instructor.

deco 40

Deco40 an ideal entry-level decompression program that helps diver cross from recreational to technical diving.